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Coatings for commercial transportation

The demands for high quality in the commercial transport segment are even stronger than in the automotive sector, as commercial transport vehicles have to endure much higher levels of exposure and extreme conditions. Commercial transport vehicles have specific and highly demanding requirements, challenging regarding the stability of their coating systems, their anti-corrosive properties, and their decorative elements.

KANSAI HELIOS is a premium partner of truck and parts manufacturers for trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and other ACE equipment. Together with our dear and reliable customers, we have achieved great results in the railway, bus, truck, and truck parts industry.

Bus decking systems – highly decorative and long lasting

KANSAI HELIOS offers highly decorative and long-lasting coating systems for the outer surface of buses. For the durable protection of buses, we offer protective coatings with high mechanical resistance, compatible with a wide range of adhesives based on 1K PUR and MS polymers.

Trucks and trailers – advanced protection

Our product portfolio includes advanced coating solutions for the production and maintenance of medium and heavy trucks, including tankers, dump trucks, cranes and concrete mixer trucks, as well as truck exteriors, chassis, truck cabs, parts, and trailers.

ACE equipment – particularly strong and durable

Manufacturers of cranes, bulldozers, loaders, forklifts require strong and durable corrosion protection coatings with high chemical resistance that allow these vehicles to resist dust, salt, water, and friction. Our solutions for the ACE segment are tested for the most extreme conditions and offer effective and lasting protection.