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Road Markings

As a leading procuer of road marking materials in many countries across Europe, KANSAI HELIOS offers the full range of product solutions for every need. You as a customer benefit from our international sales and service network, as well as access to a wide variety of high-quality road marking materials.

The brands SIGNODUR, SIGNOCRYL, VERONIL, HELIOCRYL and REMO and SIGNAKOL (for the Serbian market only) stand out for their premium road marking systems, produced by Helios and Rembrandtin. The brands are certified according to various national and European regulations in order to meet all the necessary requirements for traffic safety and environment.

1-Component Solvent Acrylic Paints

Acrylic marking paints allow an easy application. These paints are durable and fast-drying, and are used for horizontal marking in thicknesses up to 600 microns for conventional marking machines. Our in-house R&D department was able to consistently reduce the solvent content of the series over the years – setting new standards for environmental compatibility.

1-Component Water-Based Acrylic Paint

These coatings achieve a high level of performance in terms of technical and environmental properties due to their fast drying, cross-linking and low consumption. These water-based systems outperform conventional solvent systems in all key characteristics, but without the use of organic solvents. Suitable for all airless and conventional airborne application machines.

2-Component Cold Plastic

Acrylic cold plastic provides high durability in heavy traffic conditions and good visibility despite dark and wet conditions and can be applied by various methods. We offer a wide range of coating solutions that increase road safety and provide customized solutions for the required use.

2-Component Cold Spray Plastic

Acrylic cold spray plastics impress with their excellent night visibility in both dry and wet conditions. They can be applied for traffic signs using both manual application as well as machines with application systems with a mix ratio of 98: 2 or 1: 1. This produces thin or medium layers (0.25-1 mm), which allow cost-efficient and sustainable handling due to low consumption. A further field of application is the maintenance of existing 2C markings and is the best choice for structured horizontal markings.

2-Component Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems

Marking with acrylic epoxy coatings offers less environmental pollution, fewer traffic disruptions due to short drying times and correspondingly low application costs. Depending on the application very often special requirements are placed on the ground marking with regard to elasticity or resistance to chemicals. The 2-component epoxy or polyurethane systems offer a variety of excellent solutions, and both have been perfectly adapted to the field of application thanks to the know-how we have accumulated over the years.

red sand
Reflective and Colored non-slip Materials

Glass beads and quartz sand are required for high retroreflectivity and anti-slip marking to increase road safety on roads. Higher refractivity can also be achieved in particularly critical road sections such as tunnels by means of innovative high-performance mixtures of specially developed glass beads.